I have followed the "Elements" tour for over a week to capture moments of life on the road. Ludovico is the perfect commander-in-chief when it comes to his music: he creates - and maintains -  a perfect balance between what needs to remain and all that needs to be renewed. Every performance is a brand new world in a known universe, the sonic result of a day spent concentrating on what will be. The hours before show time are lived in a way that seems somewhat of a slow-motion, zen-like silence engulfing thoughts and the perception of reality narrowing. The trajectory of a spiritual arrow gets narrower by the second as it approaches the bullseye - that first note of the night. The path to the stage is walked respectfully, with a sense of higher duty. Each performance digs so deep into the soul that it almost dictates how the audience is going to breathe. The end of the set feels like being home after a tale-like journey through intimate - and often unknown - places.

I suggest hitting play on the YouTube video below to enjoy Ludovico's music while browsing through the gallery.