It was one of those times when you have no idea of what's coming up. The February sky was getting darker, and Nashville getting colder. Good friend Steve O'Brien and I were having dinner when he mentioned the possibility of hearing one of his songs being worked on in the studio. It sounded like a great plan, so paid our check got into our cars and headed east into Berry Hill. We parked in what seemed to be the yard of a country mansion, there was a stream, a tree house, and a rather large sign that said "Creative Caffeine" - a cool name for a studio. Steve knocked on a door he picked randomly out of three and producer/percussionist Pino Squillace appeared with a smile. I had met Pino several times before but didn't know this was his place. The vibe on the inside was hot and magnificent. There was soul, fun, wood everywhere and instruments being played. Fantastic music was filling the space and a small group of people were getting the most out of being alive. It felt like my kind of vibe. i ran back to the van to grab my camera so that I could capture the moment. Ben played several of his songs live and It sounded great, he sings with soul and his lyrics are extremenly well crafted, not to mention Producer Pino Squillace's groovy input.
Ben and Pino had a show that night at The Silver Dollar Saloon downtown, Steve and I went along for the ride.