Gambling might just be the most democratic form of entertainment. It doesn't matter who you are and what you have, if your flush draw doesn't hit you're going to lose, unless you have the balls to pretend you're ahead and your opponents get the feeling that they're beat. Vegas turns everything into a gamble, and attracts everyone because ultimately everyone belongs to at least one of the levels that the city offers.

I love Vegas. I love playing poker and I adore people watching.

Vegas watching is hypnotic. The frustrated ones and the oblivious ones. The doers and the quitters. The ones getting started and the ones that are done. Stilettos. The hookers that are too professional to get drunk and the drinkers who are too loaded to get nervous. The drugs. The guys that argue about nothing and the girls who argue about themselves. The poor that look up and the rich that look ahead.The haircuts and the double-downs. The lights. The same young ladies that wear the same tight clothes and the same old men that turn their heads around. Necessities. The ones that don’t care and the ones that are scared. The carpets and the accents. Bells and slot machines. Those who have seen it all and those who want it all. The perfumes. All around – at every given time – an army of bartenders and dealers that serve an ocean of drinks and slivers of dreams. I get it, everybody wants a shortcut and everybody needs a chance. It’s funny how the traits that have built us can flip around and become the ones that bring us down. Shit.

Take the colors away from Vegas, get rid of the sound of the slot machines and you're left with truth. Here it is: reality and fiction co-existing in a perfect blend. Elvis looking sad as he crosses the reflection of his own mirage. The poor man leaning against a box that says "dream", the mess on the dashboard because "it really doesn't matter, I'm going to win and throw this van away." The wedding chapel because it's never too late for a woman to want to get married and for a man to want to look away.

Deal me in dealer.